Client facing content management system

By dufflebag.dev

The Benefits

No coding required for updating a unique web presence

Update key information on your own without the need of a developer

Get just the right amount of control of your web presence

Easily control your own search engine optimiztion

Bring app functionality to your site instantly making user experiences better

Edit On Any Device

Web or mobile from a browser

Tailor Your Content

To your vision and customer base

No Coding Required

Simple interfaces to your content

Brands Change

So can your site with dufflecms & dufflebag.dev

Get Insights

See how your content performs over time

Quickly Update Your Content

Nothing to learn and it's that easy

Custom App Functionalities

That can't be found anywhere else

Control Your SEO

Represent your brand as you see fit because it matters

Modern Design

Get your customers to the info they need easily

Built On Top Of

Scalable technologies made for the modern web

Why DuffleCMS?

Because a strong brand deserves more than a cookie-cutter solution

Things change

Save money

Ease of use

Speed is key

Learn More

Contact us for a deeper dive